Monday, October 26, 2015

Rossi: Marquez Definitely Very Happy

Yamaha's Valentino Rossi does not hide his disappointment after reducing worth three points and must start the race from the last position in the Spanish Grand Prix next month. These sanctions action the Italian rider who intentionally Honda Marc Marquez crashed during the Malaysian Grand Prix at the Sepang circuit, which takes place on Sunday related. In the Malaysian GP, ​​Rossi Marquez participated in a fierce bidding warm nan. Both also mutual overtaking in the race. Climax, when the position of two adjacent, Rossi fell Marquez. "For me, I was very disappointed with the reduction of three points. He (Marquez) has won. It 'was a decisive winner in this season and makes me lose," Rossi was quoted biker, Monday 26 October , 2015, he said. "I think that this fact will make you very happy," said Rossi. Rossi added that this phrase means that the chances of getting the title, almost impossible. Given the difference in the point just a little 'ahead of his teammate, once rivals in the fight for the title, Jorge Lorenjo. "I do not know if I will lose the title. But the situation has become very difficult now. The loss of the three points so a big problem for me in Valencia, because I had to start the race from the last position. It 's almost impossible."

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